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Thread: Gaggia Classic - gifted, no manual, filthy - bit of help please!

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    Gaggia Classic - gifted, no manual, filthy - bit of help please!

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    Hi all,

    It's been quite a few years since I was active here last with my EM6910. It kicked the bucket big time just as a few career changes happened and we (family) got a Nespresso due to me travelling all the time - don't judge us!

    Anyhoo, I'm back.

    A few weeks ago I was starting to investigate what machine to get when lo and behold a Gaggia Classic was found in my in-laws garage. It has been sitting there for three years and had not been cleaned much while used before that and I figure I'd rather try and get this thing going before anything else now.

    I googled some type of manual and managed to find some steps to take, nothing worked. Dry pump sound. I pulled the thing apart and gave it a clean - more cleaning to come but now it's actually pouring, filthy water, but pouring nonetheless.

    So, after all that - any tips from people on what to go with now to get this machine back up and going and any links to decent threads etc on this machine. Cleaning solutions etc.
    Is this machine always so loud? It seems to be a lot louder than I remember by EM6910 and rattles quite a bit.

    We're not huge coffee drinkers but we like a few cups per day - bit of a mix but leans towards more milk based drinks overall.

    I feel a little better now having logged back into the site after such a long time! Luckily my homebrewed beers never left me (hey, it's my job now!).

    Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out. Much appreciated.

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    G'day wambesi...

    There are lots of threads here on CS about how to get the best out of your Gaggia Classic, if you do a search.
    There's also a dedicated User Forum here, that is a gold mine of info for Gaggia owners; worth perusing and posing questions, etc...

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    Gaggia Classic - gifted, no manual, filthy - bit of help please!

    I second Malís suggestion to join the Gaggia User Group forum. While thereís lots of info here on Coffee Snobs about Gaggia Classics youíll need to sift through a few different sub forums and various threads to find it. The Gaggia User Group on the other hand is dedicated to domestic Gaggia machines with the Classic accounting for probably 2/3 to 3/4 of the info on there. Thereís some uploaded files and some sticky threads that cover all the main issues with a Gaggia Classic.
    Personally, if youíre up for it and reasonably handy then Iíd suggest a complete disassembly including opening the boiler to check its condition and clean it out. Buy a Gaggia Classic Ďservice kití which includes all the main o-rings from eBay or a site sponsor like Di Bartoli and replace them as you go. You can also reset the OPV while youíre at it, which is the single most useful Ďmodí you can do on a Classic. If you want to do this and need to borrow a portafilter pressure gauge youíre welcome to borrow mine.
    If you donít feel like youíre particularly handy it might sound daunting. Donít be put off as I wasnít very handy when I started pulling apart my first Gaggia Classic, but I learnt (through a few classic mistakes) along the way and am much more competent now. Far from an expert, but comfortable with the basics of machine servicing nonetheless. Hope this helps somewhat. All the best.

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