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Thread: Upgrade from 6910... max $3000

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    Upgrade from 6910... max $3000

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hey folks, new to town

    My trusty Sunbeam EM6910 is going kaput Katut!
    I scored this used machine with grinder off gumtree for $150 about 4 years ago. Machine would probably be nearing 10yo.
    Still works, but steam is a lil weak and taking longer to steam the milk.

    What I need:
    - Machine that can steam and pour at the same time (often cater for guests and if feeling generous I take it to work = I will play barista for 25 empolyees)
    - Powerful steam (EM6910 is getting slower, often taking about 2-3mins for 2 portions of milk)
    - Volumetric controls (I often am too busy concentrating on the milk for good latte art, and like the buttons that stop automatically)
    - I have been very happy with the espresso quality from the machine, happy with the thermoblock.
    - I think Im ready for a proper italian machine, but put off by lack of automatic controls.
    - Big water tank and drip tray.

    - Breville Dual Boiler (worried about recovery time because I will be pulling shots til the cows come home, and have heard that the dual boiler has lil boilers).
    - Sunbeam EM7000?
    - Sunbeam Torino at $1200 (no way would I pay the RRP)? Is it a good upgrade from a Em6910? I already have the Em0700 precision grinder (torino comes with same but labeled Torino) Ive been happy with the thermoblocks.
    - An Italian Machine <$3000 with programmed buttons and not just a leaver. (preferrably dual boiler, but can a HX machine cope with many consecutive coffees?) Is it bad to use my EM0700 Grinder with a machine of this caliber? Ive been happy with the grind from it.

    I appreciate any feedback, and have open arms
    Thanks, Jim

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    The breville dual boiler recovers fairly quickly, most of the time the machine will be waiting for you i think. Used one of these at my previous office.

    The only other one i can think of under your budget is the Nuova Simonelli MUSICA, its a HX with volumetric controls. Never used one though.

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    Which there happens to be a used one up for sale here that might be worth a gander if it interests you.

    Java "No affiliation with the seller" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!

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    I have listed a Musica on behalf of someone else. If you're in Melbourne I can put you in touch with them. Nothing in the sale for me.

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    Thanks for the input! Im Located in Sydney so both machines are out of my reach.
    Ive actually got today off because im sick *cough cough*, so Ive had plenty of time to watch videos and research haha

    The Musica looks good to me, and the steam looks mighty strong. Is in also in my price range.
    - LED lights or none, what do you think? Not really impressed with the styling, looks a bit tacky. Should I keep my EM0700 grinder or upgrade? I guess I could always keep it and see how I go and upgrade later.

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    I think i will cross the EM7000 and the Breville Dual Boiler off the list. After watching heaps of BDB videos, it just doesnt look like it has enough steaming power especially compared to the Musica. There is a video on the Torino which shows good steam pressure, but is also alot cheaper then the Musica. Im also wondering if I should learn to not use the volumetric buttons and get a more traditional machine. But they sure are helpful. Arrrrgghh... decisions decisions. Im in no rush because the sunbeam is still scraping by.

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    Hey mate,

    I wasn't going to reply to this thread, but seeing as you've mentioned you might move down the manual/lever path... I'm in Sydney (in Newtown) and likely selling my 2015 ECM Technika Profi (the one with the toggle levers on the steam/water valves) as I'm upgrading to a ~$4k machine. I'm popping it in to Jetblack for a tune up tomorrow while I go on a short trip, but you'd be welcome to come around and try it out once I get back?

    An HX with plenty of steam pressure (to be honest, you'll be fine with _any_ HX, but this one has a few tweaks to the thermosyphon that means the steam boiler can sit at slightly higher pressure) - it can make 10 lattes back to back before it needs a bit of a catch-up.

    I'll send you a PM so this doesn't turn into a buy/sell thread - cause you may want more general advice.

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