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Thread: Tapping power from the Rancilio Silvia for an LED strip

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    Lightbulb Tapping power from the Rancilio Silvia for an LED strip

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    Problem: my espresso corner in my kitchen is fairly dark, so I'd like to install a little LED strip for some nice subtle accent lighting. I've seen kits that kind of achieve what I'm after, but I'd like to give it a go DIY to get it right (and local, in Aus).

    With no electronic experience (aside from the Auber PID install), could someone more knowledgeable explain the easiest way to tap power from the machine to one of these LED strips?

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    G'day mate...

    There really isn't anywhere inside a Silvia that would allow this.
    The next best thing would be to buy a USB 3.1 rated wall-wart charger and grab whatever type of USB powered LED strip you prefer to plug into it...

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    Without electrical knowledge, it's not a job to learn off a forum.
    However, im planning a 5v transformer wired inside the box of my Musica. Just mount the box, cut the cord and wire it in... i chose a transformer with a reasonable ip rating, as there is a fair amount of water and stuff inside the box.

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    Thanks all, I reckon I'll take the USB route and if I use it a lot, look to figure out an integrated solution. Cheers!
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    Remember that this will involve fiddling with 240V rated components and wiring. Ensure everything in unplugged and always double check your wire routing, insulation and proximity to hot or vibrating components.

    You could tap into the neutral line anywhere that is safe and then into the active wire from the output of the power switch. I believe this runs to the input of the brew thermostat, it may be easier to make a new spade terminal at the power switch output with a flylead for your use.

    I would suggest using silicone sheathed power wire. It just adds another layer of safety as it will resist high temperatures better than normal PVC sheathed wire. It's expensive to buy new but if you can find a junk toaster, iron or other appliance that has hot plates or elements it will most likely have a silicone sheathed power cord that you can utilise.

    Installing a LED driver with the appropriate LED strip or lamps would be the easiest and safest solution. An IP65 or higher rated driver would be advisable due to the moisture in the machine. RS Components sells a good one, item number 890-4455.
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    Mad idea that might just work and requires no mains voltage tap:

    Requires one thermoelectric generator (TEG module, basically a Peltier effect module acting in reverse), one heatsink and one or more resistor / LED combinations as appropriate.

    Bond the hot side of the TEG module to the boiler with the heatsink on the cold side. Connect the resistor / LED combination in series and it should light up when the boiler is hot.
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    I love Lyrebirds idea for sure, and if I had my Silvia still Id try it.

    However when I added LEDs to my Silvia I just wired in a wallwart power supply that had a 12v output and added my LEDs onto that. Worked a treat.


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