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Thread: Rancilio Silvia use with hand grinder ????

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    Rancilio Silvia use with hand grinder ????

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    Hi people,
    1st time poster, longtime reader.....
    researching a pending purchase of a Rancilio Silvia and i have taken note of the recommendations of getting a good grinder to pair with the Silvia. Not sure if i can get away with purchasing both at once and i was wondering if anybody had attempted using a hand grinder with the Rancilio? Or should i just suck it up and reach further into my not so deep pockets?
    At the moment, $1000 is my limit for machine and grinder and that leaves a Rocky well outside.

    Happy for pointers and sarcasm.

    Cheers Rob

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    I don't know if it was with a Silvia specifically but there are at least a few people on CS who use a hand grinder with espresso machines. Have a look at the Lido E or ET.

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