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Thread: Converting a Silvia from 110 to 220v

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    Converting a Silvia from 110 to 220v

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Wondering if anyone can provide some advice. I bought a Rancilio Silvia while
    Living in the US and brought it home with a rather large step down transformer.

    I have been thinking about converting the machine to Australian power rather than continuing to run the transformer .

    Looking for someone that could perform these conversions. Iím in Melbourne so would be most convenient if it was someone local.

    Thanks Doug

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    Morning FB, welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    I suspect it would be cheaper to buy a good second hand 240 volt Silvia.
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    Given that we are talking about a doubling in the mains voltage, I would have concerns that the original wiring may NOT have suitably rated insulation. If you have a licensed sparky close by, I would suggest running it by them first up as the exercise may not be practicable...

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    Take off the top cover (four screws) and take a close up pic of the switches and wiring, especially any visible lettering. Post it up here.

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    Replace pump and heating element = not worth the expense.
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    Boiler (or just element if it's V4 or newer), pump, solenoid (or just the coil if the body is the same between 110 and 240 versions), indicator neon, thermostats and switches if they don't have a 240V rating on them.
    Probably $300-350 in parts.

    Factoring in labour costs (say 2-2.5hr) the price is getting pretty high.

    You've pretty much got a brand new machine for half the price of the current model though.

    The Coffee Machinist is the go-to guy in Melbourne for repairs and modifications from all accounts. You can find his contact details at the bottom of the page in the sponsors list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noidle22 View Post
    You've pretty much got a brand new machine for half the price of the current model though.
    Then sell the transformer to defray the cost. High capacity ones cost a bit.

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