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Thread: Getra ME-709 Steam Problems

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    Getra ME-709 Steam Problems

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    Hi all,

    I have purchased 18 months ago, a new Getra ME-709 automatic coffee machine (same as Merol and Pronto ME-709 models or China model No SB-CM709).

    It has been working fine but just recently, it has been failing to deliver steam from the wand, just spitting water with a little steam. It's not producing sufficient steam to suck up milk using the (milk delivery and frothing device) to froth the milk anymore. But the machine still makes great coffee and the delivery of hot water is all ok...

    I would dearly love to source a service/repair manual so as to determine and fix my ME-709 problem but I have exhausted all avenues on the internet. Can someone direct me to where I can source one please?

    My research has given me some insight into the workings of automatic coffee machines and their boilers, thermoblocks, solenoids, thermostats, NTC sensors operation etc but still need some direction to fix my problem...

    I have performed basic resistance tests on the steam thermoblock components including heating element, thermostat, NTC sensor thermistor, overload thermistor and the hot water/steam delivery pipes and solenoid and they all appear to test ok?? Maybe the main board has a problem??

    I have not performed any “live” voltage tests as of yet…

    I have purchased an infared heat temp gun to check the thermoblocks temperatures but still waiting its delivery..

    I would be so grateful to any responses……

    Kind regards

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    Have you checked if the wand or the holes in the tip are blocked?

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    Hey there level3ninja,

    Wasn't the answer I was expecting or hoping for but good pickup......thanks for your time and reply

    the wand and wand holes are not blocked.....

    (But the machine still makes great coffee and the delivery of hot water is all ok - hot water is delivered thru steam wand...)
    (I have performed tests on the hot water/steam delivery pipes and all ok.. )


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