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Thread: Looking for a thumbs-up before buying

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    Looking for a thumbs-up before buying

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi gang,

    I'm currently on a chemex + handgrinder setup, but ready to jump into the world of espresso. I'm trying not to spend a ridiculous amount (though it's already crept way up beyond my original budget) but I really want a machine that's going to reward me for getting to know it and trying to research and develop my technique over time. I think I have my machine + grinder picked out, but I just wanted to get a second set of eyes on them before I make the purchase in case there's something I've misunderstood or failed to research.

    For the grinder, I'm going to get the Baratza Sette 270

    Because Baratza seems to have a great reputation, and this seemed to be the cheapest grinder that Baratza themselves rated as having a +++ rating as an espresso grinder.

    For the espresso machine, I'm looking at the Lelit PL41TEMD

    Because it seems to be the cheapest machine that comes with a PID (the Silvia + PID mod would be way more expensive for me), it has good reviews, and lelit seems to be a highly regarded manufacturer.

    Thanks for any insight you all might have, and if you think this is a good combo or one you've used before I sure would appreciate any tips and tricks you can give me :)

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    I use a Sette 270 at work. It does a great job, but it’s a noisy jet engine scream when grinding. It’s a little plasticky too, which some people don’t like, but I think the initial teething issues have been sorted.

    bearing in mind that the espresso machine you are looking at is a single boiler that needs time to change between new and steam. It won’t do multiple drinks in a row very well. I had a PID Gaggia Classic for many years and had difficulty upgrading because it was so good with all the mods I did, but eventually it came down to time and workflow and I love my new Bezzera BZ10.
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    Pete have had the Lelit for 18 months now because it seemed best value in the pricepoint. Would buy again at this dollar value. When you jam the portafilter in the first time overfull and get a bit of machine flex you will know you didn't spend $5k, but great value at the price. A course meant I could produce reasonable coffee straight away, but amazed how the first years practice on your machine allows you to get even better with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmyjj21 View Post
    bearing in mind that the espresso machine you are looking at is a single boiler that needs time to change between new and steam. It won’t do multiple drinks in a row very well.
    Actually, with a properly configured PID control unit, this is pretty well a non-issue. Coming from texturing milk back to wanting to pull shots will require a little bit of time as the Boiler Water has to cool down. This too can be controlled by doing a couple of quick flushes through the group.

    Also, doing multiple drinks in a row is not a biggie either. I regularly used to knock out 4-in-a-row, textured sufficient milk for them (repeat if necessary) when family and friends were visiting. Just requires a bit of planning and an organised work-flow...


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    Thanks so much for all your replies already everyone!

    It sounds like everyone has had broadly positive experiences with the 270 (jet engine imitation aside) and with the Lelit. Of course, it's not going to imitate a double-boiler or a $3000 machine, but I can accept that for the time being for sure.

    I'll hang on until tomorrow just to go ahead and see if anyone else has any wisdom to share, and then I'll place my order Very excited!

    Thanks again
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    Consider a good second hand grinder . I purchased a second hand mazzer robur e and it is a tank . The grind is awesome and it just gives you a grinder of commercial ability without the huge price. They are nearly impossible to do any damage to as they are so tough and the coffee wont suffer from a commercial grinder on th bench.

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    If you decide to go the Sette, I'd go with the 270wi
    I have one, dosing by weight with gve you best consistancy, the 270wi make doing quick and simple

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