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Thread: Lelit Kate - First time use flushing

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    Lelit Kate - First time use flushing

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    Hi everyone,

    Just thought I would share a 'lesson learnt' with my Lelit Kate combined espresso machine and grinder, that lead to it being in service for months with actually no issue, in hope this may help other owners.

    When you turn it on each day, it usually just sits there quietly warming up until you're ready to pull your first shot.

    So it was a bit of a shock about 1 year into the purchase to find it immediately starting flushing water out of the group head when I turned it on. My natural instinct was to turn off the machine, leave it for a bit then turn it back on again. But yet it kept happening to no avail. The only indication from the machine of what was happening was the 'Lelit' logo flashing on the LCD display.

    Thinking now there was a seriously issue with the machine, I then handed it to my local technician to diagnose and repair. He was convinced it was the LCD module which doubles as a PID controller as it was responsible for giving out 'orders', so we shipped that in but after swapping out, yet still the issue kept happening.

    When then thought it must a be a reaction to the system thinking that the boiler was empty which could be the power board or the level probe, so we ordered those in. Yet STILL kept happening.

    My technician was convinced he had systematically checked each module/wire of the machine and therefore there was nothing more he could, so I arranged to pick up the machine and take it back to where I bought it for further testing. Kindly he didn't charge me for his time.

    It was now about 3 months after the issue had started and I was seriously starting to miss my morning espresso. Frustrated, I started to try to solve the issue myself, and after belatedly scanning through the manual I found this: "Note. Only for the first time that the machine is switched on, the machine will startto fill the boiler automatically. During this operation, water will flow from the coffee distribution group and the Lelit logo will flash on the LCC display."

    Sure enough, I left it running for about a minute and woah-lah it was back to normal, starting it's heating process!

    It seems at some point it had lost its memory and thought it was turning on for the first time. Swapping out the PID and the main board only replicated the exact same problem as they were brand new, making it hard to diagnose. Your retailer probably runs this prior to shipping, so you the user won't have experienced it.

    If you're wondering, why didn't I look at the manual in the first place? It's fairly brief and I had lost confidence in it after trying to read it when learning the machine, e.g. it refers to buttons by their number, and yet there is no picture to show you where that button is on the machine.
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    Glad that you got it sorted but if this is expected behaviour, it raises the question of why didn't it occur at least once in the first year? Might be worthwhile googling your machine to see if other users have had similar experiences.

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    The retailer pulled some shots through it before shipping, so they must have completed the flushing before it got to me.
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