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Thread: Breville BES870 - Extraction time

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    Breville BES870 - Extraction time

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    Hi all,

    Have had a BES870 for a few months now and loving it so far, although still searching for that perfect coffee!

    My question is, do you count the pre-infusion time as part of the extraction time? At the moment I am dialing it in so it has roughly a 25s extraction time and 36g for a double, from the point the machine hits maximum pressure (around 1 o'clock). The pre-infusion time is roughly around 10s so total time from button press to last drop is 35s.

    Is this too long, should I be counting the pre-infusion time in the 25-30s extraction time?

    Coffee tastes pretty good, but perhaps a little on the bitter side. Am tamping relatively consistently and making sure doses are close to 18g for a double.


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    I count it on my BES920 (it counts it like that itself). I know some count the pour as from the first drop in the cup. I think it's better to count the whole thing, but as long as you're consistent and go by taste the number is irrelevant. Trial and error is your friend. If you're 80% happy with it at 35s total, you know you can come back to that any time. Try adjusting the grind so the total time is 30s, see how you like the taste.

    The other thing to play with is the yield (coffee in the cup). When you say it's bitter, is it a strong face sucking taste or bitter like an olive? If it's the former try increasing the yield, if it's the latter try decreasing the yield (start with 25% in either direction and adjust to taste).

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