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Thread: New Breville 920 with tight portafiller

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    New Breville 920 with tight portafiller

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    Hi, I just purchased a new breville 920 which has a very tight portafiller. As far as a i can tell when i lock it in the basket is rotating in the portafiller making a metal sound and bad feeling. If i leave the basket out when i insert it, it is as smooth as i would expect and my last machine. Its like the inner diameter of the basket is slightly too small for the shower screen seal causing it to rotate the basket in the springs instead if it just going in and rotating nicely.

    Should i return the machine or is there some way to fix this?

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    I doubt the bakery is hitting the shower screen, but just to be sure try pulling the basket out of the portafilter and holding it up to the shower screen and seeing if you can push it up to the group head seal without issue.

    What I suspect is happening is that the basket is rotating within the portafilter and the noise you are hearing is the spring rubbing on the basket add it rotates. This should all settle down within a week of normal use.

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