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Thread: Advice requested - BES900 repair @ $600 or new machine

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    Advice requested - BES900 repair @ $600 or new machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    So after a hissing noise and a little leak under the tool tray, I took my 2012 era BES900 into the shop and sadly - multiple organ failure. Repair will cost just shy of $600, so I think to myself: Ah well, letís go find a reasonably priced BES920 at around $850ish and be done with it.

    Unfortunately Iíve now realised that you canít buy the BES920 these days without the grinder.. and thatís pushing up past $1200.

    Iím not against spending that kind of money, but I donít need a new grinder and repairing a nearly 7 year old machine for $600 seems to be throwing good money after bad. Does anyone have any advice on a different machine, or where I might be able to find a BES920 without the grinder? Or whether I should just pay for the blasted repair?!


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    The 920 seems to be available on its own a few times a year when shops like Bing Lee or the Good Guys have sales, it's often through eBay. I don't think they're available all the time on their own, though if you have a good local store might be worth talking to them and seeing what they can do for you. I think a new 920 is worth a lot more than $250 more than a repaired 900. If you did need a new grinder I'd still suggest buying the 920 on its own and getting a better grinder like a Macap M2 or Company K3.

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    $600? For what? Have they outlined the quote for you? I've done some pretty serious repairs on older Dual Boiler machines but none have ever cost that much.

    For $600 I would hope to see a new steam boiler, level probes and all new o-rings, a new pump and OPV, new group solenoid, group seal (and collar upgrade kit/insert as required) and a new steam tap. Add to that a brew boiler descale and thorough group head cleaning.
    If they are doing all of that it may be worth proceeding with as it's essentially a new machine at this point.

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    Agree with Noidle22, would be nice to know what they quoted $600 to do / replace.

    I recently had similar symptoms to you, hissing sounds, gurgling boilers, leak, overheating. I simply purchased some o-ring seals from Amazon and replaced them myself. It's a really easy job and it solved all the issues.

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    Sadly, these are all things that can be fixed early or prevented altogether with routine maintenance and use of scale-free water like they use in the expensive machines and at the good coffee shops.

    Many people will learn this lesson after they bin their BDB and get something else.

    The only thing I’ve not been able to fix by myself on this machine since late 2011 had been a main board failure. (Stopped pre infusing and a new pump did NOT fix it). And I’m not a pro like ‘Noids.


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