My Musica has been giving me great service for 5 years. I had not used the machine for a week. When I made my first espresso, my presets were gone and the manual selection just ran for a short while. I reset the programmed selection after which the manual selection operated as normal again. The next day when I started the machine it had the tank empty light on intermittently, there was water in the tank. I lifted the tank in and out twice, this solved the problem and the machine worked like normal for the rest of the day.The next day when I turned the machine on, it started with the same issue, showing tank empty intermittently and I could hear a solenoid switching. This carried on for a few seconds and then the machine turned off. The on/of switch on the selection panel has its light on, but if you press it the rest of the lights on the service panel just flashes once and then nothing happens. It won’t turn on. Can somebody please give me some advice on what the problem could be. I am a long way from a service centre.