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Thread: issues with Breville BES860 - self pouring and safe mode?

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    Question issues with Breville BES860 - self pouring and safe mode?

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    Good day!
    I have had a Breville BES 860 for about a year, it was purchased second hand but had had minimal use
    I have been very happy with the machine so far, being my first decent espresso machine.

    Unfortunately, since this weekend it's not working anymore which is a big drama at home...

    So everything started last weekend:
    - I made a coffee mid morning and left the machine on as I was likely to do more (machine usually go to sleep mode after a while)
    - after a while, machine suddenly started pouring water from the showerscreen, without anybody pressing or doing anything => cleaning indicator wasn't on and the dial of double shot was on.
    - after that, it "appeared" normal => all dial with back light BUT, pressing single or double shot wouldn't do anything. I couldn't get it to pour a coffee. But steam wound would work.
    - I switched the machine off then back on, and it instantaneously starting to poor water, still with double shot dial indicator on, but probably about a 300ml pour...

    I then decided to switch off the machine an let it cool down
    later in the afternoon, switch it on and back to normal
    machine started to warm up, then all dials on.
    I could pour one shot normally.
    But after I poured the shot, it randomly did an other pour (still about 300ml)
    Still same issue of no response from shot dial (neither single nor double would work)

    Grinder and steam are working.

    later in the week, I did a descaling using full tank of 1/2 white vinegar - 1/2 clear water
    I did it using cleaning mode (machine turn off, pressing simultaneously single, double and power)
    after that, I did a back flush
    no residue in the water, everything seems normal

    BUT machine is still not working

    At one point this Saturday I unplugged the machine for probably an hour, the re-plugged, switched on and was able to pour two coffees (thanks god!), then issue reappeared with autonomous pouring and non responsive dials...

    I since trying the unplugging trick but with no further success... had to get a stove top coffee this morning...

    I did a lot of google search trying to find similar issue but cannot find anything
    Anybody has faced similar issue? or remember reading similar post?

    I don't think the issue comes from the bottons themselves, as they work for activating cleaning mode
    I believe it my be the machine going into safe mode or something due to an error somewhere... not sure where though
    Any idea would be amazing!

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    little update,
    I have the machine working currently, but I need to:
    - unplug it (switch off power input) after use otherwise next time I use it it bugs
    - start by extracting shots and then froth milk, otherwise it bugs after frothing... so My issue probably comes from there...

    Any idea of what could cause the machine to start randomly pouring water after using the frothing wand? What sort of error can be cleared by unplugging the machine?

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