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Thread: Lelit combi noob

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    Lelit combi noob

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,

    Recently purchased a Lelit combi from a snob here in the market square and just wanted any tips or tricks from anyone who has used this machine before to get the best shot and just using the machine in general.

    I mean things like grinder setting, method, tamping, milk frothing, maintenence or anything else. I will be using the machine for both espresso and also milk based drinks (mainly cappuccino or flat white)

    Keen to get some feedback on what has worked well for others so I can experiment and find that sweet spot myself.

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    However you choose to go forward on your coffee making journey, do so consistently. This is the key to improving.

    There is a world of information out there regarding technique. But remember, the only thing that matters is if you enjoy the end result.
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    Welcome jaker...

    Highly recommend that you suss out your local area to see if there are any Home Barista Courses available. Trying to learn how to do this over the Net is fraught with all sorts of frustrations. Can't beat hands-on from someone who knows what they're doing...

    All the best,
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