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Thread: Ants & Roaches - YUCK! + The Descaling of this Machine - BES920

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    Ants & Roaches - YUCK! + The Descaling of this Machine - BES920

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    Hey guys,

    I returned from a 2 week holiday to find what looked like dead ants and some eggs in the water tank (4-5 of them).

    I profusely cleaned it out, changed filters and performed around 10 cleaning cycles + purges of the head and hot water tap + steam wand.

    However, fast forward a couple weeks and i've noticed the odd baby cockroach / roach / bug crawling onto the bench or on the side of the machine when the machine is turned on in the morning!!!!

    Absolutely disgusted!

    What should i do? Should i have it serviced by a breville agent? It's within warranty but im assuming this wont be covered.


    I've also never descaled the machine (around 12 months old) as ive read too many horror stories of frying the machine during the descale process due to differing procedures for different versions of the BES920.

    Can anyone shed light on this issue as well?

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    I suspect the cockroaches will be coming from another source in the area the machine is used in.

    Food particles, warmth and moisture will attract them, kitchen tidy's or bins can be a problem as well as moisture under sinks

    Find the source clean it out and set baits or set off a roach bomb.

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    When you remove the water tank from the back of the machine, there's a sticker inside with a serial number. Call Breville and get them to confirm the correct decals instructions for your serial number. Your machine is far too young to have the steam boiler destruction issues that lots of people had a few years ago.

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