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Thread: Lelit PL41TEMD Espresso: please, share your negative experience (I know positive)

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    Question Lelit PL41TEMD Espresso: please, share your negative experience (I know positive)

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    Dear Coffee snobs owners of Lelit PL41TEMD espresso, or previous owners.
    I am planning to buy this Lelit because of PID compare with PL41LEM without PID, but do not know how important PID is?
    Could you, please, share your negative experience with this PL41TEMD. I know that it has 57.9mm portafilter, compare with standard 58mm, that is disadvantage. What are the other disadvantages of this Lelit that I should know about before purchase. I am only drinking 1-2-3 cups of espresso per day, but every day. Is this Lelit will give me a long service life without repairs (I am living in rural Victoria).
    Great thanks for your advice.
    Cheers Alex

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    Hi Lilchev (is your nickname from small block chev or from something oddball like a Chevy Vega?)
    I have had the Lelit for two years now. It is a single boiler with the limitations that implies. The 57mm filter size means you can't experience all the trick versions as you have mentioned. It has no pre infusion, just the measured ramp up of a vibe pump. All of that is evident in the specs. The only problem I have had is the steam wand knob, plastic with no insert and i rounded it on the shaft. It is a standard 1/4" shaft with flat sides, alternative knobs are everywhere for a few dollars. The other thing is everytime you walk past a top line e61 Rocket, Profitec, Izzo you will think you bought an appliance, they are very attractive by comparison . At 20 to 25% of the cost that is probably fair for the Lelit to look like it does. The build also feels $1k not $5k, also as you would expect.

    Other than that it is great, perfect for the espressos I make. Warms up quickly, stainless construction and easy to use. I would buy it again given the same circumstances. In fact if I upgraded I would keep it for vehicle travel in Australia. Good luck with your choices.

    Ps Forgot to answer the PID question, just get it, the difference is small in cost and works well.

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    I just bought one, figured the filter size was neither going be here not there coming from a sunbeam. Certainly will do me until j get over the cost hump to go to an e61 group machine
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