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Thread: Breville BES830XL no water coming out of machine

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    Breville BES830XL no water coming out of machine

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    Hi there,

    I hope that someone can help me with my (defective) Breville BES830XL that I bought for few bucks from a guy that didn't want to struggle with its repair (he just bought a new one )
    Long story short, no water is coming out from the machine (coffee, steam, water).

    Here are the steps that I did:
    a) I filled the water tank and I switched on the machine; the "Power" button was blinking
    b) I kept pushed the power button to try to reset the machine. The machine went off
    c) I switched on the machine again and all buttons were lit .
    d) I pushed the "one cup" espresso button and I took this video:

    I don't know if you can notice from the video but: no water was sucked from the tank (probably the reservoir was already full?).
    The tubes don't look clogged, but it's hard to say for sure.
    In the video at minute ~01:02 I switched the knob to steam and at minute ~01:25 I switched the knob to water. In both cases no water was coming out.
    Anyway the reservoir is hot and I can also hear the thermostat that disengage when it reaches the temperature.

    Can be the water pump or the solenoid valve?
    Any suggestion to how to proceed?
    I'd start to remove and clean all tubes one by one, what do you think?

    Thank you in advance for any help!
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    Hi all,

    I tested the solenoid valve by disconnecting the two wires:

    I switched on the machine and I was able to read 110Vac on the wire pins.
    I turned off the machine and I checked the coil for resistance/continuity. There was no continuity between the two terminals, so I assume that the coil is broken/opened :cry:

    Any idea where I can find the replacement?

    Thank you in advance

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    I would contact Breville USA and ask if they can supply it to you, otherwise ask them for your nearest authorised Breville repair agent and see if they'll supply it to you.

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