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Thread: Good mid range machine to replace EM6910.....Gaggia Classic vs Lelit PL41TEMD...??

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    Question Good mid range machine to replace EM6910.....Gaggia Classic vs Lelit PL41TEMD...??

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    My son inherited my very old Sunbeam EM6910 years ago, when I upgraded to a Rocket Giotto. He's finally finished Uni, the Sunbeam has finally died (it has been resurrected a number of times) and he's now looking at a decent mid range machine.

    Budget is a concern, though he would rather invest $$$ in a decent machine that will last and can be repaired.... not ending up as landfill.

    He was looking at the Gaggia Classic, which he has sourced for just under the $650 mark....and he's asked my "expert" opinion.... I'm taking the cowards way and defaulting to the CS experts!

    I feel for a little extra, the Lelit PL41TEMD might be better overall choice??? Pro's /cons/ opinions? Other options?

    He has limited bench space and he does appreciates things that are made well will be very well looked after (and if he's reading, you can't have my Rocket)


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    While there are many Gaggia Classic supporters here on CS and they are capable of producing excellent coffee, I would still lean more towards a Lelit machine such as the one you referred to.
    Better build quality, will last a lifetime with a minimum of maintenance applied, parts are easy to get and there is loads of support from a huge user base on CS. Of course, so long as your son does his part, the results in the cup can be wonderful too...


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