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Thread: Noisy Sunbeam EM6910 vibe pump

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    Noisy Sunbeam EM6910 vibe pump

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    Howdy group,

    Has anyone tried to reduce the noise levels on their Sunbeam EM6910?

    I havent had a chance to look at mine yet, but am wondering whether its possible to dampen the vibrations from the pump.

    The pump does go quiet when there is load on it, but at all other times, its rather alarmingly noisy. I have seen guests who have not been to my house before do a double take whenever I pull a shot on the Sunbeam.

    Im hoping that it would be easy to access the pump and fit some rubber bungs onto its mounts to reduce the noise.

    Thoughts? Ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Noisy Sunbeam EM6910 vibe pump

    I wouldnt say that it is alarmingly noisy, rather just a trait of a $650 ish espresso machine.

    Good luck with your efforts, I hope that you find success but from memory looking into one there isnt much room.

    Let us know how you go.

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