G'day fellow coffee snobs,

Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm looking at buying my first 'entry level' machine, upgrading my my Flair w/Lido 2.

I know this question has been asked a lot and I have extensively researched the 2 machines in question - Quickmill Silvano or Quickmill Alexia, but I can't decide which one to buy!

I'm primarily an espresso lover with maybe 2 shots each morning and maybe the odd capp on the weekend. I'm leaning towards the Alexia but if making 2 cappuccinos for me and my partner each weekend becomes a 20 minute affair then I will stick with the Silvano.

I wanted to know if anyone has experience with the Alexia and could tell me how long exactly is the down time between pulling a shot and steaming milk? And is the quality of espresso noticeably different with the E61? Espresso will be 90% of what this machine is used for so I want the best possible shot.

I am also budgeting for a new grinder and looking at the Compak k3 advanced touch or Sette 270wi. Anyone can provide thoughts or recommendations on these with each of the machines?

Can anyone please point me in the right direction with these 2 machines and 2 grinders or even maybe suggest some I may have overlooked.

Thanks in advance!