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Thread: A Silvia for Fathers Day

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    A Silvia for Fathers Day

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Well what a surprise, since the demise of the CR I have been drinking Plunger, that has now changed with the gift of a Silvia for Fathers Day. I now need to learn to drive it and that is proving more difficult than I first thought :-[. I have the required fresh beans, but only the plastic tamper supplied with the machine, results have not been to good to begin with. I have experimenting dialing in rocky but am getting channeling(unbalanced flow, more out one spout), the puck is wet not dry as I expected, also playing with temp surfing using the CG video as a guide. I know there is a wealth web based info on this machine but if anyone has any advice to help me get started I would be extremely grateful :).

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    Re: A silvis for Fathers Day

    What good kids.

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    Re: A silvis for Fathers Day

    Woo Hoo - Happy Fathers Day vicroamer - what a wonderful pressie!

    The Silvia is going to give you a lot more pressure through the group than was ever imaginable with the Cafe Roma. Am guessing you are also getting a fast pour and coupled with your description, will need to grind a lot finer than you already are.

    The plastic tamper is never going to do the job, though maybe you may have a small glass that could be used (with care) until you get a better tamper? Ideally, you should be able to see the imprint of the showerscreen screw once youve extracted your shot.

    Be careful with the boiler too. Hope thats of some help!

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    Re: A silvis for Fathers Day

    The unbalanced flow is fairly common,
    and difficult to entirely eliminate,
    however normal would be slight unbalance rather than a lot.
    Check machine is level, at the grouphead, adjust one side/corner
    of machine if required,
    then the spouts may need slight filing inside with round file,
    all the time working on even tamp, (Pullman tampers great 4 this with the concentric rings).

    Start with double basket.
    Fill basket, try tapping on bench 2 or 3 times to settle,
    top up and level off with back of kitchen knife,
    tamp and pour.
    If you get somewhere near 50-60mls in 25sec, youre doin well.

    Keep trying its worth it.


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    Re: A silvis for Fathers Day

    Congratulations on having such a generous and thoughtful family, Vicroamer. Youll have to reward them by brushing up on your barista skills and making them good coffees.

    The wet puck is most likely symptomatic of insufficient grinds -- try loading up the basket with at least 16 grams worth.

    A good steel tamper is a must, but until you get one, the plastic tamper can -- at a pinch -- be used, with a series of tamps right up to the edges of the basket. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

    When web surfing for advice on temperature surfing, be careful with what you read. Many of the American posts were written when Silvia came with a hotter 110 C thermostat.

    Silvia also makes great microfoam, and once you get the hang of steaming youll appreciate it all the more.

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    Re: A silvis for Fathers Day

    Thanks for advice CSs
    you may have a small glass that could be used (with care) until you get a better tamper
    I really need to get better tamp to get started, will give a Looney Tunes glass a go ::) the base looks to be a better fit than the official issue :).
    Many of the American posts were written when Silvia came with a hotter 110 C thermostat.
    Ive seen a temp graph for the boiler fitted with the 100c thermostat, will have to find it to work out timing.

    As for steam, boy has it got plenty, new skills to learn here thats for sure.
    Has anyone had a go at steaming first then running a cool down flush using hot water through the wand, before brewing.

    Cant get over the weight of the PF it just feels so business like compared to the aly 53mm I have been used to.

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    Re: A silvia for Fathers Day

    Congrats on getting Silvia, you will have a wonderful relationship with the lady. She is a little temperamental until you get used to her but she will reward you with some great shots once you get your dose, grind and tamp organised. I have only had mine for 6 weeks but am now getting a consistently good espresso, Im still hit and miss with my microfoam but getting there gradually.
    Welcome to the Silvia Club!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: A silvis for Fathers Day

    Quote Originally Posted by vicroamer link=1188712795/0#5 date=1188724503
    Ive seen a temp graph for the boiler fitted with the 100c thermostat, will have to find it to work out timing.
    Boiler temp is quite different to the temp you get at the grouphead too, and American machines are 110V instead of our 240V which I think makes a difference as well. The best thing to do would be to measure what temp you are getting on your machine at the grouphead at various stages of the heating cycle. You can measure this with a thermocouple fitted inside a foam cup, held up under the grouphead. I have the new model Silvia as well, and Ive been using 1:45 AFTER the light goes out which seems to get me in the right temp zone. I read 2mins somewhere on the internet, and my measurements seem to confirm that.


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    Re: A Silvia for Fathers Day


    Congrats I love mine

    Good advice as always above,
    Silvia has a reputation for being finicky, but apart from the temp bandwidth and the useless single basket, all the remaining skills required to master it, are the same as for any prosumer/commercial machine.

    Good coffee takes good practise.

    For now forget about temperature timing/surfing.

    If the heating light is on, wait until it goes out.

    When your ready to pull your shot, flush a little water from the steam wand using the water switch and steam knob.
    If it splutters and hisss [ie too hot and full of steam] just run it for 20ml or so until it is just a stream of hot water.....then pull your shot.

    Oh yeah, and congrats, I love mine.


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