Hi All.

My La Pav Pro boiler started to turn relative to the base. I looked up solutions and discovered that the brass nut on the bottom needed to be tightened. Now this might have been simple at the factory when the unit is just a boiler and a base to be assembled, but once it has all the wiring, pressure gauge, sight glass, etc attached it then becomes difficult to do without damaging something, or doing a completed disassembly.

Solutions included getting a punch and hammer and tapping the odd-shaped nut in a clockwise direction. Easy to break something.

So, I made a tool:

It would have been nicer if it were round, but I didn't have any circular tube that big. You need 85mm ID. This RHS was close enough.

The large cut-outs at the bottom are to clear the tabs and pressure sensor pipe. The tiny cut-outs at the bottom engage the brass ribs in the nut, and actually do the tightening.The round holes are for putting a socket bar through to get leverage.

It was still awkward to do, but it worked. If I really try hard I can still turn the boiler, but it's much better.

Hope this helps someone else...