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Thread: sunbeam cafe series 6910 'spitting' from group head

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    sunbeam cafe series 6910 'spitting' from group head

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    So i recently purchased a sunbeam cafe series 6910 second hand off someone. I have had a lot of trouble with the shots 'spitting' and spraying out from the group head. It is not coming from the seal but from the spouts.
    I have changed the seal, cleaned and descaled and tried different tamping pressures and grind sizes but it is still causing an awful mess..
    Do i need to tamp even harder or do an even smaller grind? or Is there some thing wrong with the group head spouts? They look fine.

    The shot of coffee and steamed milk are delicious, just an absolute mess.

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    Are you saying the liquid is coming out the spouts too fast? If that's all it is then yes most likely you need to grind finer.

    If you run a shot without the portafilter attached doors the water come out without too much mess as expected or is it sorting too?

    Are you using the pressurised or non-pressurised basket? What grinder are you using?

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    Sounds like you are using a pressurised basket. The coffee from the single hole can squirt straight down to the spout and spray out from there. I have noticed a similar effect when back-flushing with the rubber disk in a normal basket.

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