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Thread: BES920 hacks to disable auto-off?

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    BES920 hacks to disable auto-off?

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    Recently picked up a BES920 to play around with.

    Ticks all the boxes so far, but the automatic power off after just 15 minutes is driving me crazy. Completely defeats the purpose of pre-wake up auto-on, and 15 minutes is not even long enough for the portafilter to come up to temp.

    The US models allow you to disable Auto-off, but seems Australian's can't be trusted with such momentous decisions.

    Anyone have any tips / hacks to fix this?

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    As far as I'm aware it's not possible. It's in the firmware or electronics etc. I hadn't heard that the US had that option but sure enough their user manual says so. I assume it's due to some regulation here?

    Mine has usually been off for about 10min by the time I get to the kitchen of a morning. I turn it back on again and it'll still be at least 70C+. That extra time has still transferred heat into the portafilter. In a couple of minutes it's good to go. If I'm using the spouted portafilter I'll give it a quick heating flush before loading the basket.

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    Just flick the steam up for a second, while you're waiting or messing about in the kitchen, that'll give you another 15 minutes. As ninja says give it a flush to warm your cup up and it's good to go.

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