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Thread: Gaggia New Classic RI9480/11 Vs Lelit Anna PL041

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    Gaggia New Classic RI9480/11 Vs Lelit Anna PL041

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    Hi CS,

    I was wondering if anyone has an opinion or experience in daily usage with the above 2 machines? I would like to know about the usability of both devices. I read some posts from back in 2010 that the brew temperatures on the Lelit fluctuated quite a bit, and that it is more than likely only able to use beans of a darker roast. From where I am, the Lelit is approximately $100AUD more than the Gaggia (Price gap should reduce depending on the discount, and I am in no hurry).

    The main differences I can point out are;
    1. Gaggia has 58mm PF vs 57mm on the Lelit
    2. Lelit has brass boilers vs Aluminium on Gaggia
    3. Finish on the Lelit is better
    4. Manometer on Lelit
    5. Factory PID available if I decide to stretch a couple dollars on the Lelit
    6. 2 hole steam wand on Gaggia Vs 1 on Lelit
    7. Much stronger steam on the Gaggia (based on the videos I’ve watched)

    1. Both Single Boiler Dual Purpose machines
    2. Near similar boiler sizes

    I do drink milk based drinks 70% of the time, but the machine will only be used by myself. Lelit is abit of a rare name from where I come from, so I was hoping to get an opinion from the larger market here. I do also prefer the look of the Lelit, but would like the customizability of the 58mm PF size on the Gaggia.

    Other opinions that I would like would be general fit and finish of the machines, as well as the reliability.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Joseph,

    Not sure where you are, but in Australia the Lelit PL41LEM and PL41TEMD have higher steam pressures than the Gaggia - they run at 140 degrees.

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    I would always suggest the PID version

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