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Thread: SOLVED - Breville / Sage Dual Boiler BES920 Descale Message Stuck and Not Resetting

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    Lightbulb SOLVED - Breville / Sage Dual Boiler BES920 Descale Message Stuck and Not Resetting

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    I've had this problem for well over a year now and I'm really pleased to have stumbled across a solution... First I'll explain what was happening / then how I fixed. Hope this helps.


    No matter what I did the 'descale' message didn't reset, and appeared every time I turned the machine on. I was told by a service company that the 920 does not have any scale sensors as such and that it just works on a timer (presumably related to the hard water setting selected 1-2-3). Anyway it appears to have got it's software 'stuck'


    I tried descaling a number of times, leaving the solution in overnight, using the documented 'reset' function. None of this worked.


    There is an additional reset function that I found by accident. Try the following:

    1. POWER OFF
    2. Holding the 'ONE CUP' and 'TWO CUP' buttons, press the power button MULTIPLE TIMES until the screen comes on with '00:00' displayed.
    3. Press the 'UP' button (which increments the numbers 01:00, 02:00, then some counters I think etc etc) about 12 times until '3r5t' is displayed. Is this 'Engineers Reset' ??
    4. Hold the 'MANUAL' button for 3 seconds which will have lit up - the machine will beep 3 times and '3r5t' will flash.
    5. Press the 'POWER' button and the machine will enter it's startup routine.

    Hope that helps. Usual disclaimer here that I really don't know what is happening here, it's not documented as far as I know.

    So whilst this worked for me, please proceed at your own risk.

    If anyone knows more about this / would like to add detail I'd love to find out more please comment.
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    It's designed to reset all stored errors and displayed messages, to be used after replacing faulty parts once the machine has been restored to 100% working condition or to attempt to clear any glitches or other strange operating conditions.
    Clearing the codes can sometimes be annoying when diagnosing problems or trying to look back over the service history of the machine but it's not really that big of a deal.

    Also, you don't need to press the power button multiple times. Just press and hold the one and two cup buttons, then, press and hold the power button and wait until the screen turns on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noidle22 View Post
    It's designed to reset all stored errors and displayed messages, to be used after replacing faulty parts.
    Thanks for the reply. Would you be willing to share any service info you have?

    The customer support we get here in the UK is really poor, and as this is an Aussie machine I hope you have better access to expertise.

    I was told (mis-led!) multiple times that I should have used the Breville (Sage) branded de-scaler / that sensors were coated etc. And of course this is rubbish. There are no such sensors in this machine as far as I know, just a software timer.

    Anyway end of rant. Thanks.

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    Fault Log menu for BES920

    To get into the Fault Log settings for the BES920, do this:

    Make sure machine switched off at control panel. Then, hold '1 cup' and '2 cup' buttons simultaneously for about 4 seconds before pressing 'on' button.

    Press 'menu' button to display your current cup count divided by 10. (I think this can show up to 9999, meaning 99,990 coffees dispensed. Presumably this counter will rollover and start back at 0000 when you have exceeded this limit. I would really love to see an old warhorse 920 that can do 100k coffees in its lifetime! So far, I am up to about 4k coffees over 3 years.)

    Please note there are slight differences in the UI and buttons to be pressed, depending upon which firmware has been installed in your machine.
    The 'menu' button will toggle between seeing error codes and the current cup counter.

    Press 'menu' button again to see error codes, then scroll through the number of occurrences of the error codes from 0 to 12, using 'up' and 'down' buttons.
    eg. 01:02 will show that error code 01 has 2 occurrences
    But most will be clear, like 01:00, 02:00 etc.
    When 'ErSt' is displayed you have the option to clear the codes by pressing 'manual' button. This resets the error codes only, not the coffee cup counter.

    At the end, press 'exit' button to exit this menu and start up the machine normally.

    The error codes corresponding to 00 to 12 are:
    00 Steam boiler NTC error
    01 Steam boiler NTC error
    02 Coffee boiler NTC error
    03 Coffee boiler NTC error
    04 Group head NTC error
    05 Group head NTC error
    06 No water in steam boiler
    07 Water over flow condition in stem boiler
    08 Coffee water flow failure
    09 No water in coffee boiler detected at startup
    10 Coffee NTC over temp
    11 Steam NTC over temp
    12 Group head NTC over temp
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    I guess the curious 'Er5t' probably stands for 'error reset' then. But interestingly in my case did more than clear the error counts, it also cleared the 'descale' warning that I just could not get rid of and was irritating me. Will be interesting to see whether it now comes back on again when it should and whether it clears again after a descale.

    Just out of interest, any idea the difference between 00/01 or 02/03 etc? I presume NTC is the thermistor? Anyway thanks again for posting...

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