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Thread: Dehlonghi Maestria Auto-Shut off problem.

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    Dehlonghi Maestria Auto-Shut off problem.

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    Hi all.

    Just came across this OOLLDD post, but it sounds like what's going on with my machine. I'd appreciate any thought anyone might have on this. (I have also posted this in the original forum...but reposting it here to give it a bump!

    First things first.

    It's a Dehlonghi Meastria Nespresso capsule machine (seems to be one of the better nespresso units).

    Over the past 2 years or so, the 'auto off' function has been playing up. Generally it is supposed to turn itself off after 9 minutes of inactivity.

    This works perfectly...until I move the unit to a different location (yes, we take it on camping trips!) or to a different part of the house.

    When i move it (as I did this morning), it tries to switch itself off (i hear the switch at the back of the unit click) but all the lights stay on. Usually, i just wander over and manually flick the switch (on the machine not the wall) and all is well. Today, i walked the dogs instead...and when i came back, the pump was running and emptying the water through the coffee spout!!

    So this 'sounds' like it could be the TRIAC issue A_M is talking about here:

    Originally Posted by A_M

    If ya correct in your symptoms..

    Blown triac driver to teh main vibe pump.. $1.75 part .... About an hr to get access to.. Remove old and re solder new and EST etc.. 20min to put the covers back on and test..

    If ya in NSW or VIC I thing the going rate is about $290 plus and about a 2 to 3 week turn around.. OR if assessed correctly WARRANTY..

    Cause... All triacs are sensitive to Over voltage and or spikes.. These ones are used in so many white goods and small end power driver ccts etc.. Common fault in all systems..

    NOTE: If ya go back a few years... TURN off at WALL - in any number of my posts.. If ya in a noisy line area or storms etc etc etc OR When Not in use ... UN plug or at least turn off at the wall.

    Keeps memory and not running a clock and othert time requirements...

    So save power and turn off at teh wall.... Might even save ya self a Service call / cost.

    To test this, i just moved the unit to it's original spot (same kitchen, power point on opposite side of the room) and sure enough it dutifully turns off 'correctly'.

    So, this suggests a difference in the power supply in my house (one is correct voltage and the other is possibly over) and therefore I should turn it off at the wall regularly.

    My question after all of this is: has this caused permanent damage to the unit, or will switching it off at the wall (or relocating) be OK?

    I'm not keen to get it serviced as it's probably time for a new device in a year or 2 when we move into our new if it will kick on a bit longer then that would be great!

    And of course if this is EOL for this machines ..any recommendations would be great!

    Anyway, that's about it....any other thoughts from you wise folks?? All suggestions welcome!

    ciao 4 now

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