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Thread: Upgrade-itis hitting hard!

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    Upgrade-itis hitting hard!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    ok so I have a midrange machine, albeit an old one. (Nemox, over 15yo I think?) it had a built in grinder but it had plastic mounts that all snapped one day, so the grinder has been out of commission for some time.

    Small thing, but the way it delivers coffee annoys me; hard to explain... but the portafilter just has holes in the bottom and just dumps the coffee out instead of those little channels I see other machines have that seem to deliver the coffee much more gently....

    oh so yeah I have upgradeitis bad! I think my machine is ok but itís not like what I buy at cafes, not even close, that could be me, the grinder, anything really.

    Looking at other midrange machines it appears the average warm up time is around 30 minutes !?! Seriously? How do people live with that? My current machine takes 73 seconds.... I like that 🤣

    I only make espresso, only myself, 2-3 times a day, I do not wake up with sufficient time to do very much in the mornings..... 🤣

    I have learnt to make coffee by myself, and am very consistent. Would I benefit from a PID? what other features are like a must have?

    any help, enabling or sense snapping to is appreciated I had a laugh

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    Nemox was my first foray into coffee. Great machine!

    The way the coffee comes out the bottom , sounds like you have a naked portafilter. Ie one that has the floor removed. So you are seeing the coffee come out straight out of the basket holes. You can fix that by using a normal spouted PF. This applies to any machine.

    With the right ingredients and technique you should be getting coffee very close to the great cafes and better than most of the usual average ones.

    What grinder are you using now?

    If you have the naked PF it is a great tool for assessing your technique. If the coffee is squirting and making a mess etc then itís likely your technique isnít spot on and the result suffers.

    Likewise the warm up, 70 seconds might be enough to turn off the element, but the brass boiler and PF wonít be upto temp. This will also affect your shot quality. You can fudge by turning on the steam, wait til that comes up to temp and then flush out the steam until you get water again.

    A better machine will give you better looks (subjective) , better temp stability, ability to steam and brew (no issue if you mainly do espressos), good feel in useage etc. the shot improvement would be minimal if you are maxing the results now. Thatís my take on it.

    Grinder is more critical.

    A single boiler with PID will work great and have quick warm up. Or you could go the breville 920?

    Whatís your budget and what are you hoping to improve the most in your upgrade? Will make it easier to recommend the right suspects.

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    Thankyou so much for your detailed and well considered response xx

    definitely not a naked pf, it just has straight holes rather than ramped ones.... I don’t like it. I might have to take a photo for you.
    And well yes I am also in the search for a new grinder, I have a Krupps one, seems to be fine but I’m sure I could do much better. I am searching... I put a post up in the grinder section and got some great advice to go on, just waiting for the right one to come up second hand at the right price.

    I guess I want better coffee? And don’t know how to be better at it or even what to chase to improve, regardless of my unrelenting efforts to improve ��

    I always have lovely fresh beans roasted by an artisan friend of mine.

    I am looking second hand, and would like to not spend more than 1k on a machine and grinder, and if I don’t need a machine, even better if I only buy a new grinder. ($200-$300 budget)

    I would say, though, yes the coffee is far better than most of the shite you can buy out there, but not quite up there with the good. I am not shooting for the top - I don’t expect myself to do that with as little knowledge as I have, but the upper range.... I am finding it to lack body (re mouthfeel), and be a little metallic and thin (re taste).

    interesting point about the warm warm up time... so just because the light comes on, doesn’t mean it’s ready to go? ��

    This Nemox is also my first machine, I have nothing to compare it to. I’m not sure how I feel about those domestic brands, but a lot of people talk about Breville on here so maybe it isn’t actually bad?

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    Also worth attending a local barista course. It'll help take your coffee making skills to the next level. And you'll be able to better judge where any new equipment might be needed.
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    With larger machines many of us (including myself) just use a simple timer to turn it on and give it plenty of time to heat up. For example I normally have a coffee around 7am so my machine turns on at 6am and has lots of time to warm up. Every now and again I get up really early for work and turn it on myself, then I have a shower and get dressed etc. A couple of flushes later and it's good to go. Waste a bit of water and it still takes 20 mins ish, but it's no big hassle every now and again.
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    I copied some,one else here and invested in a Kogan Wi-Fi turn on switch.but for when I don’’t wake up 30 mins prior I’d turn machine on, shower Etc then Make coffee last.
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