Hey all, first post here!
Currently using a breville barista express paired with a Eureka Specialita. After a year and abit, I'm starting to get a bit inpatient regarding waiting between pulling shots and steaming, especially when doing 2-3 drinks in a row .
I've seen a few posts about the Sunbeam EM6910 and7000 here, and they seem to get quite good reviews. Was wondering if this would be a good upgrade? Are they appliances that are easily servicable if anything goes wrong? And what is the milk steaming like on these machines? I know they are dual thermoblocks, so I assumed its probably the same as the BBE?
Another reason for upgrading would be the 58mm portafilters. From what I understand, you could easily upgrade your baskets if you choose to along with the tamper.

I'm also looking at the BES920 at the moment, but there doesnt appear to be any good sales on this yet.