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Thread: Nuova Simonelli Musica (and similar) pump running solved

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    Nuova Simonelli Musica (and similar) pump running solved

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    On a number of forums owners of Musica and similar have found the pump keeps running and the water ends up in the drip tray. On investigation they find that the water escapes through the expansion/OPV valve near the group head. The usual diagnosis is on of two things. The expansion valve is faulty or needs adjustment, or the tank full sensor is not working or dirty. I fixed both of these problems after finding that if the tank was filled manually the pump stopped. But left to fill automatically the issue returned. Finally I found the problem which had not been suggested anywhere else.. The very thin inlet pipe had caked up with calcification, even though this is nowhere near any heat. it is a function of the size of the pipe. Once fixed all worked. The reason this poroblem develops is that with these models once the pump is running some water is diverted to the group head channel (presumably to heat the group) and with the solenoid not open, that water goes through the expansion valve even if it is correctly set. If the water entering the boiler is too slow a flow, the pump makes sure the boiler never reaches the full sensor. Hope this helps others.

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    Nice work on fixing this. I have had no issues with mine as yet. But I use filtered and softened water. Will certainly keep in memory banks.

    Tank full sensor?
    Is that the boiler full sensor?
    Actually sounds like there is a few issues with that machine. Blocked boiler fill tube, leaky expansion valve, and faulty fill probe.
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