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Thread: Quick EM6910 Question

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    Quick EM6910 Question

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    This is probably a dumb question. I am thinking of buying one of these.

    The EM6910 comes with a single-cup spout (loose), and a double-cup spout fitted to the group handle. If you use the double-cup spout but only want to make a single cup (because you dont want to go changing the spout all the time), do you need to put two cups under the spout and combine the contents? Or does it somehow only send coffee out of one of the spouts?

    Sorry, but thank you to whoever can help me.

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    Re: Quick EM6910 Question

    That is a fair question to ask. You just put the cup under both spouts if you only want to make one drink. If you still use the double basket underneath it you will either make yourself a double shot or pull the shot early and just get the first 30ml. Otherwise you can use the single basket still with double spout.

    I hope that clears it up for you somewhat, if not ask away.


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    Re: Quick EM6910 Question


    Many thanks for the reply. Perfectly answered. Thank you again.

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    Re: Quick EM6910 Question

    i recommend using double spout only to start, i found it easier to manage for some reason, dont know why though, good machine to get, had mine nearly a fortnight, so still learning, but makes a great coffee 9 out 10.

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