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Thread: Steam Leakage on EM6910

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    Steam Leakage on EM6910

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    Evening all

    In the last week or 3, my 6910 has being behaving strangely after I have finished steaming the milk.

    For whatever reason, it continues to bleed steam from the steam wand. I have checked that the steam activator thingy is closed properly, and that it has been purged after I have finished. It will even do it when the machine is switched off (IE if I turn it off after I have steamed / cleaned / purged) for a few secs.

    Is this something I should be concerned about?
    Has anyone elses exhibited the same symptoms?



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    Re: Steam Leakage on EM6910

    Mine at work takes forever to stop steaming after I turn the knob to off.
    Well longer than Id like anyway.
    Probably about 5 seconds.

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    Re: Steam Leakage on EM6910

    Sounds as though both of your nozzles or wands have a small blockage. It doesnt take much gunk for results like that.

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