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Thread: Gaggia Baby much coffee in the filter

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    Gaggia Baby much coffee in the filter

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    This might sound like a stupid question, but here we go... Im filling the PF, tapping it down to fill any gaps, levelling it off, then tampering. When I go to put the PF onto the brewing head, it wont go in, like Ive put too much coffee into the PF! A level dose into the PF works out to be 6-7g, which is what I thought was standard. Ive tried with a smaller dose and although it clicks into the brewing head OK, the ultimate result is an insipid shot that comes out far too quickly. The manual says to "use the measuring spoon" that came with the machine. I think I threw it out as it looked too small.

    What am I doing wrong???

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    Re: Gaggia Baby much coffee in the filter

    Really does sound like you just have too much coffee in the PF.

    Try a little less coffee - small mound, loosely filled...tap down twice..scrape off excess with something like back of a knife or short plastic ruler, then tamp down firmly.

    Take note of the position of the tamper in the basket once youve done this, so that you can adjust up or down according to how it fits in the group head, and of course, how it pours.

    Insipid tasting coffee could be purely the result of the grind being too coarse and nothing to do with the amount in the basket.

    Also take a close look at the puck - if theres an imprint from the screen, and the puck is firm and relatively dry, with no signs of water channeling, its probably ideal.

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