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Thread: Owners of Breville BES820 what do you think?

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    Owners of Breville BES820 what do you think?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    OK so you proberly swa my other post on the /sunbeam 6910 but this is the other machine I am cosidering.
    What do the owners of this machine think? Can you get good coffee from it?
    I would be intrested in your comments
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    Re: Owners of Breville BES820 what do you think?

    Gday Ci...

    I wouldnt go for this one mate in this price range.... The SB EM6910 leaves it for dead IMHO,


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    Re: Owners of Breville BES820 what do you think?

    hi crisp

    if you want milk based drinks it is very hard to go past the em69, yes they have probs, but dont they all.
    this is an appliance that works close to a semi commercial, and would need to spend at least double $ to buy something that will last the distance
    the em69 is the noisiest coffee machine on the market, so if you have young family or live in a flat with thin walls, then maybe your coffee times will be a bit limited

    so work out the budget, if you have the money to invest in semi/ commercial you will be better of at the end of the day.
    if the money is a bit short go the em69 and accept it is an appliance and doesnt have the life expectancy or build quality

    the sunbeam em grinder is the bottom of the pile, but sufficient for the em69.
    not all of us can justify spendiing big bucks on machines or grinders, depends on the level of the wish list


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