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Thread: Quieter pump for Silvia?

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    Quieter pump for Silvia?

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    Are there any quieter pumps that will be suitable for the Silvia? Would a rotory pump work rather than vibrating?

    Or, has anyone had any success in making them a bit quieter some other way?


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    Re: Quieter pump for Silvia?

    I found my Silvia pump mount was laying over allowing vibration to resonate through machine, the assembler had passed a wire underneath the pump onto a terminal this tended to pull it over, I rerouted the wire and used a zip strap to hold it all back up straight. Also I seem to recall someone replaced the ulka with another brand fluidotech I think, something you can do a search on. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Quieter pump for Silvia?

    My Silvia is a lot quieter since I installed PID unit, I think extra wiring being cable tied together near pump must be the answer. It took me a while to become accustomed to the different and quiter noise when brewing.

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    Re: Quieter pump for Silvia?

    Hmmm yea....Mine did the same thing, was lying over to one side....the repairer put a new support there but this one did the same thing....I put both of them together which stiffened it up and it seems to be fine now....

    It does seem like something is not right though.....the noise is a bit inconsistant..sometimes not as loud as other times......

    Funny thing is now, it gets noisy once it gets under pressure (brewing a shot) It used to get quieter during pulling a shot...??

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