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Thread: Sunbeam flashing red light..

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    Sunbeam flashing red light..

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    Hi all. Its been a while...
    Anyway..a friend of mine has a dual thermoblock Sunbeam (hes not sure what the model number is) and just the other day it developed a problem where it is not producing steam and there is a red light continually flashing on the front of the machine. He says it pulls shots just fine but no steam.. I think the machine is a couple of years old..

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Sunbeam flashing red light..

    There are 2 red lights.
    One on the power button and one near the water window.

    Sleep Mode
    After 1 hour of non-use the espresso machine
    will automatically switch to ‘SLEEP MODE’.
    An indication that the machine is in ‘SLEEP
    MODE’ is the light above the ‘POWER’
    button will slowly flash red. While in SLEEP
    MODE the machine powers down to 70% of
    power. After a further 26 hours of non-
    the espresso machine will turn off.

    It doesnt sound like Sleep Mode though.

    It might have the 5 year pump gurantee so as the steam pump isnt working I suggest you ring Sunbeam and ask them to fix it.

    Tel: 1800 025 059

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    Re: Sunbeam flashing red light..

    That sounds like the original problem that the 6900 Model had (if the machine is a couple of years old then it sounds like it would be the 6900, not the 6910).

    ....and yes, it will no doubt need a visit to the Sunbeam service centre.

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    Re: Sunbeam flashing red light..

    I would say that the steam thermoblock is not heating - it is flashing waiting for it to heat up!

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    Re: Sunbeam flashing red light..

    Theres also a flashing red light when the reservoir is empty - perhaps theres a block in the flow?

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