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Thread: em6910 always on!

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    em6910 always on!

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    After upending the machine (dry) to unclog the seal and showerhead, my 6910 has developed a habit where it is always on, even when its off (at the button). Sunbeam reckon its a pcb thing and to take it to a service Centre in Sydney (Im in Canberra) - a major inconvenience when I have to have my two cups a day. I can cope with it and turn it on at the wall only when I need to use it but it seems to be getting pretty hot if its rumbles and grunts are anything to go by. I tried resetting to defaults but it still happens.

    Any solutions? I am happy with it: no fuss and consistent, until now.

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    Re: em6910 always on!

    Welcome to your first post after such a long time.

    Ive put a Sunbeam on its back to change several seals and it hasnt developed that problem.

    I know its a pain to be without it until its repaired, but you dont want it getting worse.

    Wont Sunbeam send a courier for it?
    Theyve offered to do that before.
    Why discriminate against Canberrans?

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    Re: em6910 always on!

    Quote Originally Posted by Thundergod link=1226020677/0#1 date=1226024952
    Why discriminate against Canberrans?
    I can think of many good reasons ;)

    +1 for getting it fixed - the last thing you want is to end up having to pay to have it fixed after the warranty has expired. A plunger or stovetop should keep your caffeine-withdrawal headaches under control for a couple of weeks ;)

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