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Thread: Silvia OPV (again!)

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    Silvia OPV (again!)

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    I have a "new" Silvia - one of those with an adjustable OPV. Since there was so much on the web about how big an improvement can be had by bringing the pressure back to the "standard" 9bar I thought Id give it a go.

    First, I measured the pressure. I added a pressure gauge to the group handle. Unscrewed the spout - this reveals a 3/8BSPP thread. A gauge from the Hydraulics place was had for $10 - conveniently calibrated in kg/cm^2 - close to a bar gauge! A 3/8BSPP to 1/4BSPP adaptor (gauges will be either 1/8 or 1/4BSP - parallel or taper) attached the gauge. Hey presto - near enough 11bar.

    Adjustment to 9bar was trivial - about a 1/4 turn of the adjuster. The result? Interesting. My daughters beloved Daterra espresso - simply fantastic! I went as far as screwing the adjuster back in and pulling an 11bar shot. You can taste the difference! I was stunned.



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    Re: Silvia OPV (again!)

    Great idea, thanks!

    I actually backed off my OPV about a week ago. Went by flow measurements.
    Put on the pressure gauge. I was spot on! Didnt need adjust.

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