Hi all!

I am currently researching high-end Super Automatic machines available on the market for a new business venture.

I am swaying toward an ECM Veronica, but have also looked at the Jura and others for comparisson (Thanks for your advice FC! ;))

My biggest issue it seems, is the regualtion of the machine in an office environment. The organisations I am targetting are generally community based services and not-for-profit organisations, not your typical cashed-up corporates.

Many of these businesses will be happy to pay for the lease of the machine and supply of beans, but they do not want the machines to be a free-for-all when large community groups utilise their building for meetings etc. Similarly, my other prospective customers are social clubs withing govt. departments that do want outsiders using the machines/beans that they have paid for.

Yes, this sounds like an immature, trivial issue; rest assured that this is the #1 question I am asked when promoting my business!!!

I have seen Saeco and Juras Smart Card system, but this appears insanely expensive and surely there are other alternatives which exist to control the use of a machine???

Seeing most CS members like to research their favourite hobby ;D, just wondering if anyone has come across products/ideas which I can integrate into a machine?