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    Saeco Incanto

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    After years of battling with a Krups manual machine, were thinking of moving on to a Saeco Incanto automatic. Has anyone tried one, and what do you make of it?
    As my first posting, Im looking forward to the responses.

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    Re: Saeco Incanto

    Hi flatwhite,

    We went the other way. We started off with a Gaggia Syncrony auto then moved on to a Brasilia Lady. The autos are great for convenience, but the quality of the coffee is not up there with the manual machines.

    Youll probably get greater consistency with the auto, but itll be something like a consistent 50% of the quality of a good manual like a Silvia.


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    Re: Saeco Incanto

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    The only thing Id say is that a Krups isnt neccessarily a good indication of the state of manual (or semi-auto as theyre confusingly known) espresso machines. If you absolutely cant bare to drive a manual machine then get the super-auto. But for the price of a super-auto you can get a very very nice grinder/espresso machine combo which, with a little effort, will make far better coffee.

    Perhaps see if you can find a shop that will let you have a go of a nice machine to see if its using a manual machine or just using a Krups which you struggle with?

    I believe Alan Frew over at has his say on this in his latest newsletter also.

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