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Thread: Unpressurised basket & tamper for Ikon

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    Unpressurised basket & tamper for Ikon

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    need some help!

    Ive got Ikon, had it for about a month, my coffees not getting any better, well slightly, but still not creamy as I would like it. I should look into my beans too but I am just trying out different ones at the moment so, meanwhile, Ive been reading about the importance of tamping and unpressurised basket! I am still using the ones that came with Ikon and its not very pretty..

    Where could I buy these from? Reasonably cheap unpressurised basket for Ikon (krups? Ive read a lot about those.) And a good tamper that will fit the basket.. I think..

    I am in Sydney, I dont mind driving a little to get them but would prefer online! well anything at the moment..

    Any help would be appreciated!



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    Re: Unpressurised basket & tamper for Ikon

    You have to start with the basics.
    That means the beans.

    Are they fresh?
    What grinder do you have?

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    Re: Unpressurised basket & tamper for Ikon

    I have/had a BCG450.. broken at the moment.. :( might see if I can it fixed or going to buy sunbeam em0480 I guess..

    I am going to try the sample ones from coffeesnob here next time..
    so well see how that goes..

    and while I get the grinder sorted/ buy beans I wanted to get the basket & the tamper too..


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    Re: Unpressurised basket & tamper for Ikon

    Gday "minskee" and Welcome... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Check out this post re: Breville unpressurised baskets.....


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    Re: Unpressurised basket & tamper for Ikon

    Hello Min,

    We got our unpressurised baskets from the Breville factory shop in Pyrmont. *They had 2 sizes and were $5 each. *(Its only a block or so from the fish market so that might take the pain out of the drive, plus you could take that dropped grinder in for them to look at *;) )

    Another CS member, Astranomical, posted a really good summary of the Ikon, including part numbers of various baskets that fit, it is here: *

    Cheers - Carrie *:)

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    Re: Unpressurised basket & tamper for Ikon

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Thanks Mal!! just what I was looking for..
    Carriek! woah.. perfect.. fish market is only like 15 mins from me, perfect. I will look them up and hopefully I can get everything sorted.. thanks so much for the info & the link! :)

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