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Thread: Filter paper on top of the puck

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    Filter paper on top of the puck

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    I read a post on a lever forum, I tend to do that, ::) anyway this fellow was cutting out circles from Melita drip filter paper and sitting it on the puck to keep his GH clean. I had a look around the bench and discovered that Aeropress paper filters will fit Silvias 58mil PF. So after the usual tamp with a twist to seal the puck I sat the filter on top and used the Pullman to seat it and then pulled the shot(pressed the button actually). The heavens didnt open up and strike me down in fact it looked a good pour :), the top of the puck looked undisturbed under the paper and Im sure not much is getting up into the GH when the 3 way releases.
    I have since done a few more pours it is a bit fiddly lining the filter up before seating with the tamper but the pours have been good and the tops of the pucks show no signs of disturbance or channeling. When the pump pressure hits the puck the filter paper seems to be having a cushioning effect ,though it is early days yet.
    I should add that my Silvia water distribution screen has been modified to take a countersunk screw so it is nice and flat, a protruding screw may be problematic.
    So there you go something to try in your spare time if you have a 58mil group head, aeropress filters and a tamper.

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    Re: Filter paper on top of the puck

    This sounds interesting. BUT... it will have to produce a better coffee for me to go to more work. Hows the taste of the filtered water coffee?


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    Re: Filter paper on top of the puck

    I like the stretching of the imagination.
    I can imagine the potential. cleaner screens, exhaust, water to a point.
    experimentiing tomorrow.
    got to effect my grind settngs
    will inform of results
    good on ya

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    Re: Filter paper on top of the puck

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    need to do the countersunk screw mod fo me to try it, but seems like a good idea. The aeropress papares are only $4 or so for 350 papers, so its not heaps expensive either.

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