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Thread: my brewing equipment wish list

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    my brewing equipment wish list

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    hello all

    i am trying to perfect a wish list aimed as my last coffee related purchase for approval by the better half. i currently have a silvia/rocky combo with pid and have sneaked in the purchase of a decent tamper, knockbox, thermometer, milk jug (600ml-very basic), synesso basket and digital scales. I am however looking to expand on what I currently have and my wish list is as follows:

    Espro tamper
    Naked portafilter
    Bumper tamping base
    Shot measures

    I am after the Espro as I am struggling with the concept of a regular tamping pressure otherwise I would buy a Pullman. The others are for consistency and diagnosis aids. I have been provisionaly allowed $200 but I think I could stretch that to around $300 with a little bargaining!

    What I would like to know is if there is anything I am missing off this list. I think thisll be the last purchase Ill be allowed for a little while so I want to get it right!



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    Re: my brewing equipment wish list

    Hi James,

    I think your list is about right ;)

    It should be within your $200 - $300 budget :)

    As for the tamper, it will not take long to get your tamping pressure consistent if you decide to go with a Pullman, it will become second nature, just use the bathroom scales once every now and then with your eyes closed, then open to see how much pressure you are applying. It is that easy ;)



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    Re: my brewing equipment wish list

    Shot measures you can pick up for $2 each if you shop around. I picked up something like 10 just for competitions. Youll only need 1....2 at a stretch.

    Bumper tamping base is non-essential. While it does help you stablise your tamp, I rarely use mine.

    Naked portafilter you could probably do on the cheap. See if you can buy a 2nd hand handle from a roastery with lots of spare parts lying around. Make sure it fits your machine, then get someone to chop it for you.

    Espro tamper is another essential for me. Its like a milk thermometer...sometimes you just get out of whack....for some helps with getting it right when starting out.

    Best of luck

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    Re: my brewing equipment wish list

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    finding a portafilter at a roastery could be difficult as i have no clue as to where there could be one in darwin. i am relatively new to the more serious side of coffee making (previous experience being thermoblock machines) so i think ill stick with the tamping base for now but thank you for your advice!

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