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Thread: Andreja Premium by Quick Mill

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    Andreja Premium by Quick Mill

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    anyone know anything about this machine? is it available here in OZ? if so, where abouts in Sydney (near CBD/east) could i check one out.....

    so many machines, so little time......

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    Re: Andreja Premium by Quick Mill

    Hi krusty,
    Email the parent company, in Italy, asking if they have a dealer/distirbutor in Australia. Sorry I couldnt be of more help. If there is a presence locally, Im sure one of the vendors (or more experienced members) should be able to point you towards them. Ive never come across the brand as Ive meandered through espresso machine stores. But I havent been looking for it.

    Two stores that mention the Quick Mill brand in a google search are Coffee Company and Crown Coffee, both located in Melbourne. Crown have a page with two Quick Mill products and a PDF for each.

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    Re: Andreja Premium by Quick Mill

    There is a fully automatic Quick Mill machine at work. I just cant remember who supplied it. The company is definately in NSW if that helps. I will look when I go back to work next week.

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    Re: Andreja Premium by Quick Mill

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    Hi Krusty

    Supreme Coffee Machines in Perth stocks the Quickmill Andreja, but not the Quickmill Andreja Premium. The Premium model has a number of improvements made to the stock model by Chris Nachtrieb of Chris Coffee Service in the US. Theres a review of the Premium model on, as well as several positive consumer reviews on Coffeegeek. Correct me if Im wrong, but I dont think you can get the Premium model in Australia. The Premium was on my shortlist, but my email to Quickmill about its availability here was not returned.

    There is a new Quickmill machine released in the US (Vatreno?). Have a look at the home-barista website.

    There are rumours that Chris Nachtrieb is working on a dual boiler Quickmill machine.

    Probably the above two machines would only be available in the US initially.

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