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Thread: Barista training (The next step?)

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    Barista training (The next step?)

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,
    I have found your postings helpful in guiding my upgrade from buying commercially ground coffee brewed with a Krups, to grinding my own with a Gaggia MDF (fantastic improvement in taste and crema!!) to my latest investment in a (20yr old +) manual Rancilio Z4 single-group machine. Cost was $250 plus $80 to have new seals installed.

    Now the problem. I can now see where science and art are required, because whilst I can get a decent shot, time and crema are still somewhat lacking in spite of playing with, and wasting, 500g of coffee.

    I notice that there are a number of the group in SE Qld. Does anyone know of someone doing some good training in this part of the world?

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    Re: Barista training (The next step?)

    I havent heard of anyone doing training in SE Qld, although there probably is someone. I think you can pick up alot through a little reading on the net and alot of practise though. Its probably worth going through Schomers "Factors" if you havent already (found here: Then go make a stack of shots :)

    The main thing I did that improved my technique was to look closely at the puck after pulling the shot and look for pits and holes that indicate channeling. Once I started looking for it I began taking more care to make sure i got rid of it and my shots improved.

    The other thing is to learn something about the temperature of your machine.

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    Re: Barista training (The next step?)

    For a full range of barista Training go to which is located at shop 1/474 upper edward st spring hill brisbane. Mauricio who is the head man has lived and breathed coffee for over 20 years or so and his knowledge is outstanding. They hold coffee appreciation classes on wednesday nights from 6:30pm for a couple of hours where u try on average 10 coffees which include single origin and blended and australian coffees.

    Hope to meet you in the future at one of his classes.

    Beenmachine aka steven

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    Re: Barista training (The next step?)

    Yep sounds like I was pretty close to the money then Graeme.

    Maybe 40ml is a bit much but the concept was there regarless.

    Have you ever seen how fast they punch out espresos at he Cafés... very fast.... this I would be certain to say is a too coarse a grind.

    Had breakfast today at our local Café "Scottys" they sell Amanté coffee and for a shop brew I was very happy to order another shorty, creme was excellent and the flavour and Aroma was exquisite, I was surprised it was a commercial grade coffee.

    Ive booked myself into a Barristas course for the 13th October and apparently the instructor loves Laté Art and is willing to teach it at the end of the course. looking forward to it very much. Apparently he even likes people to bring in their own coffees to try..... I like the sound of this fella.

    FB :)

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    Re: Barista training (The next step?)

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Thanks for the feedback.

    Mark, I went to the web link you recommended (excellent) thank-you.

    Graeme, I have taken on your suggestions and coffee is definitely getting better. You saved me a trip and a couple of $ as I was going to invest in a single shot basket. Will stick with the 2 doubles, but the Scots in me insists that I drink the second cup, and I am having to be pealed off the ceiling.

    Grind is clearly the key factor, but this must also be related to pressure. My machine runs at 1.5kg/cm2, however the green operating zone shows max of 1.2. I am not sure if that is significant, and I cant remember the conversion to bars. Also I am not sure how one adjusts it on such a machine.
    (Alas, tragically, I still am not getting as much crema as with my Krups, though taste is better.)

    I can see a good couple of kgs forming part of the experiment!

    Bean machine, thanks for the reference to Mr Coffees, I will give them a bell next week.

    Well, back to the grinder!!!

    Thanks all,

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