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Thread: so, where do i go in Melbourne...

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    so, where do i go in Melbourne...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Having taken FCs advice to heart (stay local), where can I go and have a look at one or more of the usual shorlisted trio of E61 machines (Giotto, Expobar, maybe La Scala) in Melbourne? All the sponsors bar one are outside Victoria :(

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    Re: so, where do i go in Melbourne...

    Try the sponsor in Melbourne first.
    The Coffee Company in Balaclava, a veritable aladins cave of machines, service and advice, oh and beans too.
    Alan Frew from CoffeeGeek may be able to help.
    Cottles in South Melbourne
    Moccopan in Preston if you are desperate (Not bad after sale, but not that keen to demonstrate before)
    Look up coffee in the yellow pages on line.


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    Re: so, where do i go in Melbourne...

    The Melbourne sponsor you should talk to is Chris from "Talk Coffee", his banner is at left of the page. His CoffeeSnobs name is 2muchcoffeeman.

    He can talk to you directly about Diadema Juniors, Unico Splendors and Giottos. That already gives you a choice of 5 different body styles in good quality reliable mechanically sound and well finished retro E61 technology machines with excellent service backup.


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    Re: so, where do i go in Melbourne...

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    thanks FC - Ive PMd 2MC but I didnt know his real name.

    The more I read the forums, the more I am persuaded that real people and good after sales service is the way to go. Id never buy good hifi without auditioning it or buying froma reputable dealer, same should go for coffee machines.

    That said, the one thing hifi and coffee machines have in common is that it is very rare for one vendor to have all the ones you are interested in....

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