i bought a new HLP Red-i-temp digital thermometer for both playing with coffee and my home brew setup. Basic tested it and its not bad 99.8ish on stovetop boiling and below .5 in crushed ice slurry. It reads in .1 increments and has a nice alarm for low / high presets.

Anyway thought i would stick it in the hot water (tea) and in the brew water on the Brugnetti. I preheated a shot glass tipped it out and then letting the water run into it with the probe sitting it.

86 for brew temp
93 for hot tea water (after a purge)

Did some CS searches but could not find any posts doing the same thing

i was wondering anyone else done (or can do) this and would post up there numbers. I know its a fairly inaccurate way but just experimenting.

as for coffee i have been getting nice results grinding finer and tamping a lot lighter than I used to.
Might give the pstat a 360 turn up and remeasure just to see?