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Thread: newbie checking in, need a new machine...

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    newbie checking in, need a new machine...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,
    I thought Id post a little introduction here, before I start bombarding you all with newbie questions.

    Im not what youd call fanatical, but I have had proper burr grinders [ok, fairly basic ones] and espresso machines for years, along with an assortment of drip filter machines, percolators, stove top gadgets and the aeropress for many years. Ive lived in Europe America and Asia over the years so I kind of think I know good coffee from bad...

    So far my machines have all been basic consumer grade, the likes of the Sunbeam EM5800 and a "Ferrari" badged machine, which was pretty much a low end Saeco inside. Ive got a Eurolab machine which is an espresso machine with a doseless grinder all in the one unit. Fully manual, just two machines combined into one. I got it cheap at an auction when the Sunbeam stopped working. I thought it would just be a stop gap measure till I could get the Sunbeam working again but to my surprise it made quite passable coffee, and the steam was quicker to get going than the Sunbeam!

    Anyway, recently Ive had a bit of bad luck it seems.
    For a start the Sunbeam stopped - I moved house and when I plugged it in at the new place smoke came out...

    Since then the Eurolab has been keeping my eyelids open till just last week when it decided to not warm up. The grinder still works, so for now Im using the Aeropress...

    Oh, btw I should mention I am a tech by trade, started in the days when color TV was a new thing, so Im not fazed by the inner workings of your typical espresso machine. I pulled the back off the EM5800 and quickly found a dead relay on the power supply board. A call to Sunbeam revealed that they dont sell the relay by itself, they sell the whole board [EM58112] for $58.00 plus postage.

    Except they would, but they dont have any stock.

    I did a bit of googling, and called about a dozen repairers and all the same, no stock. Even worse, the equivalent new machine is only $129.00 in the local B&M chainstores, and thats without even looking online for prices.

    The Eurolab is proving to be difficult to pull apart: I need a No.1 phillips with a long shank and a short handle... Ive probably got some screwdrivers I can butcher up but Ive just moved [again...] and theres boxes and crap everywhere it looks like Ive been burgled or something.

    Did I mention I need more coffee???

    I had a laugh *:o

    Oh, btw:
    if anyone reading this has that relay or that board available, please PM me...


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    Re: newbie checking in, need a new machine...

    Confusing post Zen...The title implies that youre looking for a new machine....The body implies that you are searching for parts?? Id suggest one of the two needs modification?? :-?

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    Re: newbie checking in, need a new machine...

    Lucky re the Eurolab.

    IIRC they have a 30 warranty and usually last about 32 days.

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    Re: newbie checking in, need a new machine...

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    So do you need an all new coffee machine or those parts replaced? Please be concise and clear for everyone to understand. :(

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