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Thread: The Definitive Basket Guide

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    The Definitive Basket Guide

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    Ok, I promised so photos a while back... quite a while back actually. Rather than reviving an old thread, here is a new one to illustrate the different basket sizes and part numbers.

    From the left:
    1. LM "Triple" - 18g. P/N 700757.
    This basket does not fit into the commercial Rancilio PF.

    2. LM "Double" - 14g. P/N 300013.
    This is the largest basket to fit into the commercial Rancilio PF.

    3. Rancilio "Double" - 14g. Standard double that comes with Silvia.

    4. Rancilio "Single" - 7g. Standard single that comes with Silvia.

    5. Blind Basket. P/N 521902.

    I am sure the standard baskets that come with Silvia are also sold by Coffeeparts but there are two part numbers per basket on their website and Id rather only quote what I know rather than what I think. If anyone can shed light on that it would be helpful.

    Hope that helps someone.


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    Re: The Definitive Basket Guide

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    Thats very useful, Grant. Thanks for putting up the photo. Id like put up a shot of my double baskets side-by-side but Ive only got the webcam and it doesnt really do still shots well. I have the standard rancilio double, plus one thats the same shape but deeper.


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