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Thread: Steam Tip Extension

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    Steam Tip Extension

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    just wondering if anyone knows of a place that sells stainless steel extensions for steam tips. only looking for about 30mm at the most for a Bezzera bz40. 10mm male thread on the end of existing tip. im just finding it is a very strange and hard to work with length. i would like to trial an extension and see if it improves steaming. thanks.

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    Re: Steam Tip Extension

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    I made a couple up a while ago for the Nemox; not overly difficult to do but given the time and the fact they were all one-offs meant the price was $50 I think so there wasnt much interest. If I was going a batch of them itd be different but having to set up tooling and everything for one unit here, one unit there is a slow and expensive exercise.

    Anyway email me greg[at]coffeetamper[dot]com[dot]au if you dont have any luck elsewhere; I could certainly do it, its just a matter of time -> cost.


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